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business activity

Our main profile is bacteriophage therapy. Bacteriophages (or shortly phages) are specific viruses that can infect only one bacterium species. Therefore, their effect is totally different from that of antibiotics, consequently they can be successfully applied in cases where antibiotics are not efficient.


The laboratory develops phage products attacking both human and plant pathogen bacteria. Our first phage-based marketed product is ERWIPHAGE, which combats Erwinia amylovora causing the fire-blight disease of apples. This product is the second phage-based pesticide in the world, but the first one against fire-blight. Due to the specific feature of phages, they do not destroy the soil improving useful bacteria. Since phages are harmless of human being, the products treated by ERWIPHAGE can be consumed without any delay. The pesticide has passed the test with its proved efficiency in a real life environment, too.

Among our activities, we also engage in the production and development of modern nanostructured materials.


1.) R&D projects:


Our R&D projects are classified into two gropus: bacteriophage therapy and other R&D projects.


Bacteriophage therapy:


Other R&D projects:


2.) Services for our clients:

  • molecular diagnostics: identification of viruses, bacteria; identifying the genetic background of illnesses; examination of species composition in environmental samples; determination of gene frequency
  • classic microbiological examination: determination of antibiotics resistance and germ number
  • fermentation of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • fermentation of vaccines, optimization of fermentation
  • DNA sequencing with the option of bioinformatic analysis
  • metagenome analysis
  • measurement of gene frequency
  • cloning
  • directed mutation
  • PCR, real-time PCR
  • RFLP
  • isolation and characterization of bacteria and viruses
  • synthesis of nanoparticles
  • development of self-cleaning surfaces
  • preparation of transparent, conducting oxid thin films
  • planning and  managing of complete projects