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The Biotechnology Department is located at the headquarters of the company in Pécs. The three predecessor companies founded a molecular biology and microbiology laboratory in the inner city of Szekszárd. This laboratory moved to Pécs in 2011, because our Nanophage-therapy Research Institute was established with the support of a fund co-financed by the European Union and the Hungarian Government (GOP-1.2.3. project). The modern building and its equipments fulfil the requirements of a high standard laboratory: it has two DNA isolation robots, a next-generation DNA sequencer and a 250 liter fermenter, in which eukaryotic cells can be fermented as well, only to mention a few examples  to characterize our equipment-background. For more information about the branches of Enviroinvest Environmental and Biotechnological Corp., you can download our full company profile here.


Nanophagetherapy Research Institute

Nanophagetherapy Research Institute